Staff Responsibilities

Help answer any players questions they may have in general chat.

Assist players through discord, if able to. If ticket needs in game support will place ticket information in #ready-tickets for an admin to take over. Ensure all moderators are staying active if not mention to Manager for staff player demotion. Abilities

  • Ability To Change Nicknames
  • Ability To Remove Messages
  • Kick & Ban From Discord

Assist tickets and help in game issues. Ensure the correct messages are being sent to the right channels. Access to CFTools and VPP. Abilities

  • Senior Moderator Abilities
  • Ability To Ban Players In Game
  • Ability To Kick Players In Game
  • Ability To Comp Players

Help with ticket and in game support, access to CFTools and VPP. Ensure Admins are being active and helping players. Ensure admins are following rules, and upholding community standards.

Admin Abilities

Staff Application

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