Season 6 is Here!

Changelog – Season 6

This update is full of bug tweaks and QOL improvements for the players. Also started first steps needed for new keycard system.

✅ Trader Price Changes
✅ New Keycards coming very soon!
✅ Added More Filament Options & Colors
✅ Added Shit ton of Donor Gear
✅ Added Bunker Punch Card to loot pool on Cherno
✅ Cherno loot pool adjusted to new pool system.
✅ Changed website & donor prices
✅ Changed Discord Donor Roles
✅ Increased KMUC Loot
✅ Fixed Body Bag Despawns
❌ Fixed Group Bugs
❌ Removed Cabins
❌ Removed Bee Hives
❌ Removed Paragon Storage
🖕🏼 Reset all bank accounts including groups.
⚙️ Tweaked Loot Pool, removed IOTV to make it more rare. Making Tier 3 vest more common on players.
⚙️ General Loot Pool Adjustments
⚙️ Tweaked Item sizes and stack quantities.
⚙️ Change sleeping bag timers

  • New Bag
    25 Minutes – No Death Radius
  • Old Bag
    45 Minutes – 500 Death Radius
    :tweaked: Increased ATM Rob amount & locations

⚠️ Tweaked rules! Check our website for exact rule changes!

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