Season 5 Launch

Wipe Incoming

  • All Mild DayZ Servers will wipe in 1 hour. Grab your friends, your cat, and a snack. Grind out season 5 in style with our new freshie drip. While our servers are going down and being updated. You can read over some of our changes.
  • Raiding
    PvE ServerThere will be no raiding this weekend on our PvE server.
    PvP Server Raiding is allowed anytime, any day on our PvP server, including right after it wipes.

PvP – Deer Isle –
PvE w/ PvP Zones – Cherno – 51.81.49:33:2302
PvE w/ PvP Zones – Deer Isle –

Season 5 Changelog
Redone Green Mountain
Added Well at Klen
Added Ramp at Klen
Added 3D Printing
Added C10 Chevy
Changed KOTH Loot
Changed KeyRoom Loot
Changed CarePackages
Fixed Receipt deployment – Don’t have to throw anymore.
Ability to see inventory while in vehicle has been implemented
Can now use discord commands to see locations of KeyRooms. Ex. !purple
Ability to hacksaw cabin doors.
Fixed Car Despawns & CamoNets
Added Car Code Locks – When raiding car alarm will sound.
Added Randomized Location loot crates.
Added Raiding Hacksaw
Added a shit ton of donor gear. Thank you all for the donations, it helps the server grow so much. ♥️
Shrunk Mild DayZ Core from 9Gb to 4!
Cabin doors now take 10 minutes to hacksaw
Changed Spawn Clothes
Tweaked raiding to allow 8 homemade to raid a t3 or, and now t2 can be raided by 2 heavy’s or 4 homemades.
Weapons now have a chance to spawn with a mag in them.
Removed option to buy weed seeds
Removed Car Keys

  • Compensation rules have been tweaked, read them. As we will be enforcing them, save yourself the ticket as it may just be closed.

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