All donations are final. No donations are used for personal benefit You understand this by supporting to the server and forfeit any PayPal dispute. By donating to the server you automatically agree with our donation agreements and all payments are final at the point of purchase. You can not get any refunds for purchases of priority queue, cosmetic/designed items, or any other cosmetic/modded item.

By donating customers/players agree to give up their right and or access to any product they purchased if they break our terms of servers and or our server rules. This applies and is not limited to players that are banned. All players who have donated, if banned from Mild DayZ, products will not be refunded.

Server mods and/or mods used by the server can change unexpectedly and are beyond our control. Update to server mods and/or mods and/or the game may lead to and/or result in re-textured items longer being supported or available.

If donation is refunded or a case/dispute is open. No matter the outcome the player understands they will be banned from Mild DayZ servers, website, discord, and or anything else related to Mild DayZ.

These terms are agreed upon by the buyer once payment has been made.